London Symposium on Climate Change
London Symposium on Climate Change

Research Topics

The Idea of Sustainable Development

Economic Realism and Global Warming

Politics of Climate Change

Impact of Climate Change on Biodiversity

Environmental Ethics

Geotechnical Engineering

Energy and Ecology

Geological Engineering and Mining

Environmental Studies

Environmental Monitoring

Climate Instability and Public Health

Multinational Corporation and the Environment

Regulation of Multinational Companies

Sustainable Development and Greenhouse Gases

Trade Liberalization and Global Warming

Energy Policy Innovation, US, China and India

Capitalism and Climate Change

Innovative Technology for Emission Control

Forest Management and Carbon Dioxide


Environmental History

Environmental Impact Analysis

Environmental Pollution and Technology

Environment: A Socio-Political Perspective

Environment: An Ecological Perspective

Natural Resources

Politics and Economics of Environmental Protection

Pollution and Society


Environmental Engineering

Aerosol Science

Air Pollution and Control

Air Science and Technology

Animal Ecology

Nuclear Engineering

Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering

Geological Engineering

International Trade Law

International Finance

Economics of International Trade and Finance

Public Finance and the Environment

Solar Technology

Engineering Economics

Ocean Engineering

Plant Biochemistry




Tropical Studies

Biological Oceanography

Petroleum Geology

Economic Issues and Problems

Administration of Public Resources and Lands

Government and Business

Industrial Economics

Economics of Government Regulations

Labor Economics

Public Policy Economics

Population Geography


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