London Symposium on Climate Change
London Symposium on Climate Change


Welcome to London Symposium on Climate Change

The London Symposium on Climate Change will be held 7 and 8 December 2013 at The Oxford and Cambridge Club in London.

The London Symposium on Climate Change is a special interest meeting of London Symposia, an organization devoted to scholarly research, writing and discourse. This interdisciplinary conference is an opportunity for scientists and policy makers from the different disciplines affected by climate change to meet and discuss the issues.

This interdisciplinary conference seeks to bring to the table academics and professionals from the realms of engineering, health, law, trade, agriculture, nutrition, political science, philosophy, education and the physical and chemical sciences to present papers and engage in discourse relevant to global warming and its effects on human welfare and progress.

You are invited to present a paper on an aspect of research, or you may wish to attend as an observer. If you wish to present a paper you will be requested to submit a brief abstract for review by the Programme Committee. Papers presented will be subsequently peer reviewed by external readers for possible inclusion in Symposium books or as sponsored journal articles.

Things to do

1. Consult research topic list (Research Topics)

2. Consult guidelines for presentations (Presentations)

3. Submit abstract (Abstract Submissions)

4. Register and pay (Registration)

5. Make travel and hotel arrangements (London Hotels)

6. Present paper at conference

7. Revise paper for according to publication guidelines (Publications)

8. Submit final draft of paper by email for peer review (Publications)

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